Volcano's, Bankruptcy and Strike's, Oh my ! Is it time to loose faith in the airline industry ?

The traveling public have had a bit of a wake up call this year with regard to air travel.  Between strikes, bankrupcy’s and that bloody volcano people have began to slowly learn just how fickle the industry is and just how much we actually rely on it for everyday life.

The complete shut down of UK airspace has knocked the world out of sync, planes dispatched in far corners, mail not arriving, friends and family stuck dear know’s where.

Personally I think Michael O’Leary has done the industry a massive injustice last month when he agreed to pay out passengers for responsible expresses after claimed he would rather go to court than hand over the readies.  Legally bound to pay yes however a court case would have highlighted just how tight a rope these companies walk on and that you really do get what you pay for.  He had a opportunity to change the game going forward.  After all someone has to pay for this so we are going to feel it in flight prices for years to come.   You can’t really expect to pay £10 for a flight and then be put up in a hotel for 5 days when the flight can’t go through no fault of the airline can you ? Read the rest of this entry »


Learning to fly, but I ain't got wings

Tom Petty says that coming down is the hardest thing, however for my Wife it is a different story.

Around 10 years ago, whilst on holiday with her family my Wife developed a fear of flying and was petrified of coming home.  She has no idea what triggered it or brought it on but it has been there ever since.  Around a year later, we went on holiday (by plane) and I have to say it was the worst holiday I have ever been on, her fear of the return flight ruined the holiday,

Needless to say, she has never flown since despite the fact that I fly every month.  What scares most is not death itself but the way one might die if the plane was in an accident.  September 11 obviously did not help the issue.

We have a daughter now and Linzi (my wife) is determined to get over this fear so we can show Hannah (our daughter) the world.

She is not really interested in getting drugged up but thinks hypnotherapy might be the answer, so my question to you is.  Do you know of anyone or anything that can help her ?