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The Richard Hammond on Twitter is a fake – This is why I did it…

On Friday 13th at around 3pm, I was thinking about how to best get it through to my scouts about the dangers of the internet and that people on there are not always who they say they are. As I thought more about how to begin to educate them I began to think that the education should begin with Adults and infant the parents of said Children.

Numerous things went through my head as I looked through bebo profiles, twitter accounts and facebook profiles of people aged 14-18. I began to wonder if the parents of the kids pages I was looking at knew that their children were on these sites, and knew about the content on these pages. Such detailed information about themselves, addresses, phone numbers, photos, when their parents where on holidays and when they would next have a free house. All of this information completely innocent and very dangerous in the wrong hands.

I looked to twitter, and blog articles of fake celebs on twitter, how people had believed them to be the real people and had been interacting with complete strangers. I had an idea to set myself up as a fake Richard Hammond and see if I could make adults unknowingly interact with a complete strangers.

At 3.30 on Friday 13th – I became Richard Hammond and almost straight away, I received a following and became a massive buzz on twitter. Almost straight away people began to interact.

Here are some of the 182 personal tweets I received.

Actually, you might be recording that new show on BBC1. Sorry i can’t remember what it is, but you must be rolling in it!

Did you keep your little Opel from Africa?

when is top gear comeing backi need my top gear fix please bring it back soon please a most grateful top gear fann ally x

typed in your name and there you were.Quite simple really.x

hi richard! you may be small but nice things are easy to find! x

hey richard, hope u, mindy and the girls are having a nice relaxed weekend. :) your book bout oliver n co is ace :) x x

Hi Richard, Saw the ads for your new BBC show, look good. Braniac by any other name ?!!? lol

Happy valentine sweety you can follow me when or whereever you wish

wow! gotta love the guy – a true inspiration to us all. people used to say i was a legend -but richard really IS legend:-)

I even received a DM from @stephenfry.

but by around 3pm on Saturday 14, the gig was up, @realjamesmay and @stephenfry had outed me as the fake celeb scoundrel that I am.  The backlash started – well most people were fine about it, a few threatened to hunt me down and kill me but really they should have been annoyed at themselves for believing that Richard Hammond was on twitter talking about cooking dinner for his wife when a quick look at the top gear live website would confirm that he was actually in New Zealand doing a show.

So Why did I do it ?

Well like I said before, to prove a point to my scouts, and mostly to the parents of those scouts that the Internet whilst a great asset and the best research tool around is full of fake celebs and people a lot worse than that can speak directly to their kids and have them believe things that just are not true.

This is the story of Claire, I have put this video on my blog before and It really hits home, watch it (now is good)

This is serious folks, You are allowing your Children to go online, unsupervised and do ‘whatever’ just because you don’t understand what is going on and what the internet is all about.  Its no excuse – get with the program before it is too late.  In my home town last year we had 4 teenage suicides, all put down to online bullying.

I urge you to right now, get your kids, get online with them and go through together their profiles on social networking sites.  What message are they sending to the world and themselves, I’m not talking about a heavy handed scolding session but rather parents and kids working together to make it right.  Look at their profiles – put yourself in the shoes of someone that would want to look at this stuff for the wrong reasons and come to a conclusion together about what should remain on there and what should change.

If my impersonating of Richard Hammond offended you, then I apologise but hopefully some good will come of it.


Valentine's day comes around once a year.

They never came home by Christy Moore

In anticipation of the Valentine’s Ball on Friday 13 February 1981 the Stardust disco on Kilmore Road in Artane near Dublin was crowded with young folks on a night out when suddenly two seats caught fire. In no time the place of entertainment became hell on earth.
Thick smoke filled the disco and intoxicated many visitors. Others were trampled by a stampede of youngsters trying to get out. Those who managed to reach the windows and exits found the way out obstructed by bars and padlocks. The called in emergency services only could watch how people got squashed between the barred windows and the panicking crowd. The Dublin hospitals filled up with wounded and the city morgue became overloaded.

In the following lawsuit the Garda could not produce any evidence of arson. Nevertheless the judge concluded that the fire had been started deliberately, but the owners of the Stardust were only found guilty of gross negligence for keeping the emergency exits blocked. Due to a legal technical flaw however they escaped prosecution and claimed for over 500,000 Irish Pounds, approximately 635,000 Euro, in malicious damages.
Despite some legal recognition and financial compensation, gained after a struggle which lasted five years, the relatives and victims are unable to close this chapter because regularly new facts and eyewitnesses, all incriminating the owners and the Dublin Corporation, surface.

This song was later banned after Christy was found guilty of contempt of court

St. Valentine’s day comes around once a year
All our thought turn to love as the day it draws near
When sweethearts and darlings, husbands and wives
Pledge love and devotion for the rest of their lives
As day turns to evening soon nighttime does fall
Young people preparing for the Valentine’s Ball
As the night rings with laughter some people still mourn
The 48 children who never came home

Have we forgotten the suffering and pain
the survivors and victims of the fire in Artane
the mothers and fathers forever to mourn
the 48 children who never came home

Down to the Stardust they all made their way
The bouncers stood back as they lined up to pay
The records are spinning there’s dancing as well
Just how the fire started sure no one can tell
In a matter of seconds confusion did reign
The room was in darkness fire exits were chained
The firefighters wept for they could not hide
Their anger and sorrow for those left inside

Have we forgotten the suffering and pain
the survivors and victims of the fire in Artane
the mothers and fathers forever to mourn
the 48 children who never came home

All around the city the bad news it spread
There’s a fire in the Stardust there’s 48 dead
Hundreds of children are injured and maimed
And all just because the fire exits were chained
Our leaders were shocked, grim statements were made
They shed tears in the graveyard as the bodies were laid
The victims have waited in vain for 4 years
It seems like our leaders shed crocodile tears

Have we forgotten the suffering and pain
the survivors and victims of the fire in Artane
the mothers and fathers forever to mourn
the 48 children who never came home

Half a million was spent on solicitor’s fees
A fortune to the owner and his family
It’s hard to believe not one penny came
To the working class people who suffered the pain
Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to years
Our laws favour the rich or so it appears
A woman still waits for her lads to come home
Injustice breeds anger and that’s what’s been done

Have we forgotten the suffering and pain
the survivors and victims of the fire in Artane
the mothers and fathers forever to mourn
the 48 children who never came home

This guy was president !

I know, i’m wondering the same thing !

Enjoy these clips in memory of the worst world leader ever !

Letterman interviews Joaquin Phoenix

This just goes to show, no matter how could you at your job – some people can just difficult !

In case of emergencies, use twitter #bushfires

Imagine the scene, power has been cut to your house, the landline phones are down and bushfires are raging just miles away from your home. Your only form of communication with the outside world is your mobile phone…

You need to be on twitter, and you need to be following @774Melbourne , @cfa_updates and to an extent @retrogrrl , these good people have been giving up an amount of their time to keeping people updated with fire warnings, emergency aid, shelters and everything else associated with the terrible times the state is currently facing.

Its times like this when we realise just how vital communication is, how we take it for granted and just how helpful things like twitter and facebook can be.

I cant put it any better than @mollydotcom when she says : Social media helps the world grow small in very big ways.

Keep safe folks, its a big bad world out there !

Dublin bus moves to open top buses


I bet this driver wishes they had stayed in bed this morning !