Oh no, Apple are tracking my location

An article running in nearly all the British media outlets today reveals that Apple has been storing location data of iPhones and iPads customers.

How it took two British security ‘experts’ is totally beyond me, one of the iPhones key features in the ability to attach your location to many of the phones services, twitter, email and the facebook are a few. Photos can be ranked by location and the handy thing about google maps is it ability to guide you to your location based on where you are right now.

Of course, the ability to track a devise this is nothing new, Apple have just created some magical way if tracking people’s location, they just made the technology similar for the average person to use. Mobile Phone networks have been able to track user locations since the dawn of the mobile phone through the slightly complex yet simple method of triangulation, a measurement of the distance the devise sits between 3 masts giving a nearly pin-point accuracy.

The benefits for missing persons and for fighting terrorism far out way the nay sayers and privacy campaigners weak arguments.

It’s quite simple, if your a drug dealer, terrorist or having an affair and you don’t want to be found out – bin your phone (sorry if this inconveniences your life). If your a normal person with nothing to hide then stop crying, no one is that interested in your life location anyway.


2 Comments on “Oh no, Apple are tracking my location”

  1. James A. Lamb says:

    Hi, Russell.

    Is the problem that they’re tracking people, or that they’re storing the tracked data?


  2. I can’t see why there would be a problem with either

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