Open Coffee Lisburn is turning into something pretty cool #opencoffeelisburn


A few months ago myself, Andrew Gribben and Simon McCartney decided to set up OpenCoffeeLisburn as we found it difficult to get to the OpenCoffeeBelfast meetings.

Since then it has turned into something pretty cool …….

What is OpenCoffeeLisburn ?

Started in London over a year ago. The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow. Read the blog post that started the ball rolling.

Who goes to OpenCoffeeLisburn ?

We have the best venue in the whole of Lisburn – Market Lane Cafe, A great little French place right is the heart of the city.


When ?

At present we meet every 2nd Friday morning at 7.15 AM with the next meeting being this Friday (27th March), You don’t need to let us know you are coming – Just turn up and buy a coffee, It really is that simple !

You can also follow us on twitter to keep up to date with meetings by clicking here


Co-Founder Rusky !


Jade Goody and the death of reality TV

imagesThis moring (Mother’s day) we wake to the sad news that Jade Goody has lost her fight to cancer and her two Children are left with no Mother.

Jade rose to fame in 2002 in series 3 of Big Brother, she was then and still is – everything we loved to hate about reality television.  We (the viewing public) created her, we took her from the back slums of London and gave her fame and fortune she once could only dream of.  Of course the only thing she actually did to get famous was appear on a tv show and come across incredibly uneducated.

Don’t get me wrong, it is sad that she has died – I wouldnt wish what has happened to her to happy on anyone but it seems in some bizzarre way like this was how it was meant to be, like she marked the beginnning of reality TV and her live was mapped out to strike a death note in the death of reality TV.

Its all very surreal really.

My thoughts of course are with the family, on this day and forever more.  Jade Goody worked very hard of late to sell every part of her life and story to the highest bidder in order to gather money to leave to her Children and give them the start and education she never had.

I wonder did she sell the funeral rights ?

Jade Goody – Reality TV star 2002 – 2009.

I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way.

Bad moon rising, by CCR was (althought nothing to do with Northern Ireland)  released in 1969 just as the troubles in Northern Ireland were beginning to heat up, and reached Number 1 the Sunday before 3 year long ‘ Free Derry ‘ riots began.  The words in the song struck home with alot of people here in Northern Ireland at the time as people were on edge, they knew things were about to get really really bad and they were right.

Today as I listen to the song, I can feel it striking a cord with me.  There is a bad moon rising after the events of last week, the riots in Craigavon and the general increased Police presense things feel like they are set to get worse.

Here are the full lyrics to the fantastic song by a fantastic band.

I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin. I see bad times today.

Chorus: Dont go around tonight, Well, its bound to take your life, Theres a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes ablowing. I know the end is coming soon. I fear rivers over flowing. I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

Chorus All right!

Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like were in for nasty weather. One eye is taken for an eye.

A dark day for Ulster

Just when the dust of the last 30 years was beginning to settle,

just when we as a country were coming into our own,

just when we had began to get on with things,

just when tourism was at its best, just when we thought we had all this shite behind us.

This weekend was a terrable reminder of our past, where we came from and where we hoped and prayed we would never go again.

From BBC …

Earlier in the evening, soldiers at the base had ordered pizza from Domino’s Pizza [1] in nearby Antrim.

Two men left the shop in cars at about 2120 GMT to make the delivery.

When they arrived at the main gate of the barracks, just off Randalstown Road [2], four soldiers came out to collect the food.

As they did so, two gunmen in a car parked nearby opened fire with semi-automatic rifles.

Two soldiers were killed and another four people seriously injured, including the pizza delivery men.

Police say they were an innocent party in the attack.

After the initial volley of gunfire the attackers then approached their victims, who were lying on the ground, and opened fire again.

A Vauxhall Cavalier which police believe was used by the gunmen, was later recovered in Ranaghan Road near Randalstown [3].

This was a barbaric killing of two young unarmed soldiers, two soldiers getting ready to go to war in afgan, two soldiers that thought they were safe at home.

Last week Sir Hugh Orde was critisised in the press for calling in MI5 to look at the republican threat, I say he was doing is job and I think we all understand now that the threat is real.

I am worried…. worried for the future of our fragile government, state and economy and worried about what sort of world my young Daugther is being brought into.  I grew up with bombs and shootings, and my father grew up with worse, my Daughter should not have to grow up with this nonsense, she deserves more from a modern society, she deserves more from me.

Twitter vs Instant Messaging, e-mail and Google

There has been a fair bit in the news recently about twitter, some praises but mostely dismissals about its future.

Yesterday at the Morgan Stanley technology conference in San Francisco, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google praised Twitter’s growth and success to date, while at the same time dismissing it as a “poor man’s email system”, and adding that, as far as instant messaging goes, people use services like Google’s Gmail Chat.

I’m not sure that Eric get’s twitter all that well.  Its not an instant message system at all and it is certainly not an email system but I think it works well at bridging the gap between instant messaging and e-mail.  The problem with instant messging is that it is exactly what it says ‘instant’ and it take’s time out of your day, you type a message and await a responce much is the same way as actually talking on the phone, I feel that whilst having a conversation via instant messaging it is difficult to concetrate on the task in hand which is why during working hours – I only keep my work account on and my personal account switched off.

Twitter on the other hand allows you to have a conversation over the course of a day, you can drop in and out of the stream as little or often as you wish and knowone will get annoyed if you don’t respond within 30 seconds, infact people won’t even know if you have picked up their message or not !

As far as being a poor man’s email system goes, I thought that e-mail went out with the arc! I keep very few people’s email addresses on file anymore, use it only for business and usually prefer to communicate with people via facebook and twitter.  Private message’s can be sent using the DM function and I would say that people tend to respond quicker via twitter and facebook than email ! and the great thing about it is with only 140 letters to play with, people have to be direct about what they want, there is no time or space for I’m sorry to bother you, Do you mind if ? Can I ask a favour? no no! Just tell me what you want and get on with it – we are all as it happens just trying to communicate quickly during our busy days, grabbing a few minutes here and there to interact between meetings, phone calls or even when stuck in traffic.

Meanwhile facebook seem to have headed off to the war room to see what can be done about this little dude twitter from around the corner that doesn’t make any money but has overnight became the 3rd largest social media player trumping the like’s of ning and bebo.  Twitter are right on the back bumper of Facebook now and with yearly growth at over 7000% they are set to get even closer.

Of course Facebook like to say they are not concerned and that the two can co-exist but in the last few months have not only offered twitter a stagering $500 million dollors for the loss making business but gone back to the design table for another makeover to make it, dare I say it – A little more interactive – a little more like twitter.

Things are definatly getting very interesting in this newish world of social media.  I think there is room for twitter and facebook to co-exist as long as they don’t put all their resourses into killing each other.  If they do that, someone else will quickly come from behind and win the face.  This is a fickle old world !

If you want to get in touch, @wiseguyrussell

Trains, planes and automobiles

img_0544Looking at my diary yesterday I discovered that I have been working for Bitbuzz for just over a year now, I also discovered that I have done quite a bit of traveling bit over the last year to. – not to anywhere exciting at all, mainly on business and a few Scout trips.

I have been on a regular enough basis over to the UK mainland, Inc London, Scotland and Newcastle.  I have also been down to Dublin about 40 odd times and driven over over to Derry, Cavan and Donegal more time’s that I care to remember and even went to Stockholm for a few pints, dinner then home !

It would be fair to also say that over the last year, I have pretty much used all forms of transport.  Car, Plane’s, Tubes, Trains and trams, I even had one trip by boat !

By and far the handiest way to travel is by train and plane, without a doubt, I can be in Glasgow in 20 minutes or hop from one side of London to the other in about the same time………….. but I love to drive ! Give me the choice to drive for 5 hours or fly for 1 and I will pick the car hands down every time.  I mean what could be better than cruising down unknown roads, taking in the landscape, not be told what to do, where to sit or to take you shoes off and have them scanned!

Open roads – Music playing, Life is good ! and all you public transport loving car bashers, well you just dont’t get it do you?

What just happened?

Happy Monday folks !!!