Tenacious D Parody – Last week Simon quit the Scouts

At long last Ive found a fitting parody for my good friend Simon Trimble.

To the tune of – Last week Kyle quit the band, by Tenacious D

Last week, Simon quit the scouts,
Now he’s joined up again, uh.
Misunderstanding, didn’t understand.
It doesn’t matter, now hes joined right by up again
A-la la la la la.
Couldn’t split up Ivor and Frank. (that’s true)
Couldn’t split up Michael and Kirsten.
That’s also true!
This is our song of exultant joy because
We only came to cook on gas.
Pitch some fuckin’ tents and cook on gas.
What we gonna do with all these Scouts?
Tie Knots!, and then we Pitch .
We’ll throw a big old Camp y’all.
And everyone is invited to the Camp.
And everyone you’re all invited to the Camp!
C’mon Simon, one time c’mon!


Flobots Handlebars

Great song !

Digital Media Island Belfast

I attended Digital Media Island – Belfast this evening, A great event ran using funding from the kind people at The Digital Media Forum and Northern Irelands very own Digital Circle.

The event has been touring Ireland this year, South, East, West and this the last event in Belfast.

The purpose was for people interested in talking about things like social technology, open source, raising venture capital, web 2.0, Wi-Fi and, of course, digital content to just meet up, sound each other out for opinion and criticism and demo their idea or product.

Like OpenCoffee I met with some familiar face’s, put some faces to twitter names and met some great new people.

One guy in Particular Liam who runs SquarePit and Belfast Urban Sports , between the two of us we where able to plan a great evenings events for a group of my local Scouts – Super.

A great evening! Cheers to everyone who was there !


He gets funnier


Excellent, this is the same kangaroo dude !


Video sent by nqtv

I noticed this over on Alexia’s Blog and just had to steal it, very funny, watch it all !!

Jamboree 2008 – Ireland – What went wrong ?

Scouting Ireland have commissioned a survey to find out what went wrong with the Jamboree and what went right !

I urge everyone who was there to take the survey so as things can be fixed for next year.

Take the survey here !