The final weeks of the apprentice

Only 6 canditates remain fighting for the £100,000 per year job working for Sir Alan Sugar which means there are no boardroom choices left anyone, you loose the task, your in the boardroom – simple !

The fight this year is closer than ever, mainly because the candidates are all not as strong as previous years, and in my opinion some of the best people (Phil and Ben) are already gone !

So who’s left then ?

Debra Barr a Senior Sale’s consultant


Debra, is loud, brash and outspoken something which Sir Alan usually likes but in this series he has given her a dressing down on more than one occasion, Debra has no chance of winning this competition but a sure runner for at least the semi final stages

Howard Ebison a Retail Business Manager


What is the point of Howard?  Quiet, un-resourceful and boring…. I am sorry Howard but your days in this competition are numbered.

James McQuillan a Senior Commercial Manager


Sir Alan wonders if a village somewhere is missing their idiot.  From the start of the competition I did think James for a sure fire candidate for getting fired, but now I am not so sure, he is the dark horse and I think my favorite to win the competition.

Kate Walsh a Licensing Development Manager


A ruthless bitch who jumped into bed with Phil then dropped him like a stone to save herself in the boardroom, a runner for the semi finals but not a winner in my eyes – smart girl though.

Lorraine Tighe a National Accounts Manager


Lorraine, is a sure fire candidate for the finals, always in the winning team, always making the correct decisions but I cannot stand her !! She boils my blood – GET HER OUT !!

Yasmina Siadatan a Restaurateur


A don’t really know what to say about Yas, I have not really been watching her to closely but she has made it this far !

Here are a few more updates from the boleg brothers on youtube to refresh your minds on the last two weeks


Stop moaning about the rain and get on with your life !


I love the weather, I’ll take it any way it comes, sun, snow (fun) rain and wind and I will enjoy it for what it is !

What really annoys me is when people moan about the weather…. its to hot, its to cold, ohh snow – its not good for driving, more than this I really hate when people moan about the rain !  Oh if it wasn’t raining…… if it wasn’t raining then what, you would still be sitting in the bloody house !!

Anyone who know’s me, know’s that if I plan a BBQ the weather is the last thing on my mind and that the show will always go on !  Remember the BBQ in the gale force winds ?  The gizebo took off but everyone still got fed !

Ewan McGregor, now there is a smart man he said ‘never let it rain in your head’ its a good point, your skin will dry but when the rain gets inside your mind it will depress the hell out of you !

Anyone, one thing I can guarantee is that there will defiantly be more weather so be it rain, snow, hail, sun then just get on with it, wear appropriate clothes and start living your life !!

Its just a thought !


Ten cars you should save from the scrapper.

The governments scrappage scheme is well under way, with all the dealers shouting about the fact you can bin you old car and get an automatic £2,000 saving on a new one.

I spoke about it at the time and said that “I think that this scheme is not only bad for the car business, but it is also bad for the consumer and the wider ‘old car enthusiasts’ like myself.”

A few people I know seemed to think that this was nonsense and that people would not be trading in their DB5’s or Bentleys for £2,000 off but those were not the cars I was referring to, I was referring to the classics of the future, the 80s cars that broke everyone’s hearts and pockets but you would give your right arms to own again now.

Following on from that statement I did a quick search to find the top ten cars that I think are worth holding onto and saved from the scrapper.

1. MK1 Golf


2. Mini Cooper


3. GT Metro / Metro GTa


4. VX Nova (GTE and GSI)


5. Fiesta XR2


6. BMW 5 series


7. Mazda MX5


8. PUG 205 GTI


9. Jeep Wrangler


10. Porsche 944


11. Williams Cilo


12. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo


OK, so there is 12 cars here, when I started writing this post a number of weeks ago I had 20 and tried my best to cut them down, but ten was to tough  The point here is that there a lot of good cars under £2000.  Classics and future classics, so go out and start buying !!! ………. before its two late

UK Recession in numbers

If you are a complete numbers and statistics geek like me, then you will find these numbers put together by Patrick Bryan extremely interesting, if not a tad frightening !

•    £84m is the interest the Government has to pay each day on the UK’s net national debt of £743.6bn. This is projected to rise to £118m a day (£43bn) in financial year 2010 – 2011.

•    Total UK personal debt at the end of March 2009 stood at £1,459 billion.

•    Total consumer credit lending to individuals over the last 12 months ending March 2009 was £232 billion.

•    Average household debt in the UK is £9,280 (excluding mortgages). This figure increases to £21,580 if the average is based on the number of households who have some form of unsecured loan.

•    Average owed by every UK adult is £30,475 (including mortgages).

•    During March 2009 Britain’s personal debt increased by £1 million every 50 minutes.

•    3,000 people made redundant every day and 1 in 33 people currently in work are expected to become unemployed in 2009.

•    1 property repossessed every 10 minutes.

•    1 person declared bankrupt every 4.5 minutes.

•    33,600 applications for credit have been turned down every day during the past six months.

•    Citizens Advice Bureaux deal with 7,241 new debt problems every day.

•    A recent poll conducted by the Resolution Foundation found that nearly 3 million people earning between £12,000 and £27,000 per year worry ‘all the time’ about their

personal finances.

•    We work the first 83 days of any given year just to earn enough money to service the interest on our debts

•    Total credit card debt in March 2009 was £53  billion.

•    The UK collective credit limit on credit cards is £158bn, which is an average credit card limit of £5,129 per person.

•    The average interest rate on credit card lending is currently 17.6%, which is at least 17.1% above current base rate.

10th Chief Scout and 1st UK Chief Commissioner Appointed

I received a few phone calls and a couple of emails late last week to tell me that, Bear Grylls had been appointed as the new Chief Scout, and that the press release would be live this week.

Peter Duncan’s 5 year appointment as Chief Scout comes to an end this year.  Peter has brought the movement from the dark ages, when he took over the post 5 years ago pledged to drive recruitment and it worked, our UK numbers and in fact globally the numbers are up for the 4th year running.  Peter was also responsible to officially welcoming girls into the movement, a great step forward, he worked hard to tackle race and religion challenges and will be missed in the movement, I have been assured and hope he will stay involved.  Peter was the first person of ‘celebrity’ status to take on the role, all other Chief Scouts came through the ranks up until then.

The race was long to find his replacement, and in the end came down to Richard Hammond – a keen scouter who came right through the movement from a boy and Bear Grylls who eventually won the race.  The post is for 5 years and completely on a voluntary basis.

Bear Grylls will bring a wealth of ‘outdoor’ and ‘survival’ skills and go a long way to promoting Scouts as an outdoor, adventure organisation.  He is the 8th Chief Scout to have served time in the armed forces and the 10th Chief Scout to take on the role since Lord Powell created the movement in 1907.  Bear is the youngest Cheif Scout to have ever been offered the role.

The splitting of roles,

Up until now the Cheif Scout has been responsible to all UK Scouting and all Overseas scouting with the appointment of various head of movements around the globe, This appointment of Bear Grylls is different though, whilst his title is still Chief Scout for UK and all overseas territories, announced today is also the appointment for the 1st time of a UK Chief Commissioner responsible for leading the volunteers and programing in the UK.

This position goes to Wayne Bulpitt, a scouter from almost birth, he began as a Cub Scout at the age of 8, and worked his way up the movement with roles including, Cheif Commissioner for Southern England and Chairman of the board of trustees since 2001.

This means that whilst Bear’s appointment is fantastic and will go along way to shaking our boring image, the movement obviously thinks the job is bigger than one person, Bear’s role in my mind will be more of a figure head and leader whilst Wayne will be moving through the movement day by day, looking after the more mundane side of the business.

Which ever way you cut it, today is a great day to be a scout !

Are you ready to join the adventure yet ?

The apprentice series 5

As the apprentice series 5 heats up, here is a quick recap of the last  episodes….

via the Boleg brothers on youtube

I think Ben will go right to the end !

What have you done today to make you feel proud ?

Have you even done anything this year to make you feel proud ?

The opportunities are out there, and there are people that need your help !

Do something ! Now is good !