Off Roading – Part One , Getting Stuck

I have decided rather than selling ‘ Old Faithful ‘ my old and reliable trusty Jeep that I am going to do a few modifications and do with it as Jeep intended, Off Road the baby !

The annoying thing about off roading in a 4×4 is that, although they are in theory built to take the abuse they do need some work for that ‘Go Anywhere’ experience, as I found out the hard way !!

At Present, Old Faithful is completely standard and I have tackled a few not to tricky off road courses, all has went pretty ok (apart from I can really see the benefit of off road tyres as my bus slips and slides its away about the hills getting not much grip at all) until Saturday when I got myself a wee bit stuck …….

The lift on the car was not enough as the wheels dug down in the mud, the center of the car touched earch and perched me right there, I remember reading on one of the forums if this happened, simply grab your Hi-Lift jack, Jack her up, dig out the earth and drive on. Great, except I dont own a high lift Jack, but a phone call to a good friends and hey ho, I got one fairly quickly.

With in about an hour, we had Old Faithful dug out and back on the road, in need of a serious bath !

All in all a great days craic, and a list of modification I know I will need if I am to take this seriously and protect my Jeep !

* Off Road Tyres
* 2/3 inch lift
* Flood lights, Front and Back (for night driving)
* Rock Sliders, all round the car for protection.
And thats just for starters, watch this space !