Big Brother and the product placement dream.

Now I have no interest what so ever in Big Brother as a show, a concept or a viewing pleasure……. actually I do, it’s like watching a car crash live on TV, it’s amateur sociology ………… for dummies, TV Gold!

Channel 4 last year lost the franchise for Big Brother, or rather they binned it after ratings dropped to an all time low of just 7.4% of TV viewing but it’s far from dead, it was thought for a while in media circles that perhaps a digital channel would pick it up, a channel that could only dream of 7.4% of TV viewings and with no one putting their names in the hat, Richard Desmond wanted it for the newly bought jewel in his crown….. Channel 5, a channel always dubbed with being the poor relation.

So what can he do that is different?  Well apart from giving the show a much needed shake up and face lift what Richard can do is offer companies a cross platform sponsorship deal across not only Channel 5 but his over media outlets as well, such as his news papers and the elusive OK! magazine.

The other thing Richard has on his side is the secret P’s, hailed as the savor of ad revenue in the states……. Product Placement, now legal in the UK companies can pay to have the contestants were their clothes, sit of their couch and drink their coffee, in true truman show ‘everything on the show is for sale’

Richard has set the sales team of Channel 5 and his media companies a tough target, a target of £25million in series one of the new show, a target which will add more that 10% of Channel 5’s revenue and in this market, that’s not to shabby.

I can’t wait!  Now, how much will Davina cost?


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