Ten cars you should save from the scrapper.

The governments scrappage scheme is well under way, with all the dealers shouting about the fact you can bin you old car and get an automatic £2,000 saving on a new one.

I spoke about it at the time and said that “I think that this scheme is not only bad for the car business, but it is also bad for the consumer and the wider ‘old car enthusiasts’ like myself.”

A few people I know seemed to think that this was nonsense and that people would not be trading in their DB5’s or Bentleys for £2,000 off but those were not the cars I was referring to, I was referring to the classics of the future, the 80s cars that broke everyone’s hearts and pockets but you would give your right arms to own again now.

Following on from that statement I did a quick search to find the top ten cars that I think are worth holding onto and saved from the scrapper.

1. MK1 Golf


2. Mini Cooper


3. GT Metro / Metro GTa


4. VX Nova (GTE and GSI)


5. Fiesta XR2


6. BMW 5 series


7. Mazda MX5


8. PUG 205 GTI


9. Jeep Wrangler


10. Porsche 944


11. Williams Cilo


12. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo


OK, so there is 12 cars here, when I started writing this post a number of weeks ago I had 20 and tried my best to cut them down, but ten was to tough  The point here is that there a lot of good cars under £2000.  Classics and future classics, so go out and start buying !!! ………. before its two late


5 Comments on “Ten cars you should save from the scrapper.”

  1. johngirvin says:

    Excellent list – I lusted after some of those hot hatches as a youngster. I can afford them now, but I’m older and too sensible! But still, a Clio Williams…

  2. I think those “classics” are in little danger of getting scrapped, unless they are in particularly bad examples anyway.

    Well, maybe the Nova, but that’s no real loss ;)

  3. otto-mate says:

    Interesting. Can’t agree with the Metro though (Shudder) :) Picture six looks like a 7 series rather than a 5 series?


  4. johngirvin says:

    The Metro GT was bonkers – not quite as mad as the 6R4 though http://www.6r4.net

  5. Don’t you would get an 6R4 metro for £2k, last one I seen sold for £120,000 !!

    Metro GT is saying in…. a lot of fun and very few about as most people ripped the engines out and put them into Mini’s

    Might be a 7 series, but you get the point, you can get a 535 v8 alpina 1998 model for about £1800 – Bargin !

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