Stop moaning about the rain and get on with your life !


I love the weather, I’ll take it any way it comes, sun, snow (fun) rain and wind and I will enjoy it for what it is !

What really annoys me is when people moan about the weather…. its to hot, its to cold, ohh snow – its not good for driving, more than this I really hate when people moan about the rain !  Oh if it wasn’t raining…… if it wasn’t raining then what, you would still be sitting in the bloody house !!

Anyone who know’s me, know’s that if I plan a BBQ the weather is the last thing on my mind and that the show will always go on !  Remember the BBQ in the gale force winds ?  The gizebo took off but everyone still got fed !

Ewan McGregor, now there is a smart man he said ‘never let it rain in your head’ its a good point, your skin will dry but when the rain gets inside your mind it will depress the hell out of you !

Anyone, one thing I can guarantee is that there will defiantly be more weather so be it rain, snow, hail, sun then just get on with it, wear appropriate clothes and start living your life !!

Its just a thought !



One Comment on “Stop moaning about the rain and get on with your life !”

  1. Polly Pierce says:

    Thank you so much for your refreshing rant! Okay, so I do complain about the cold, but that’s usually cos I’m too mean/lazy to put on the central heating and I’ve already got a couple of jumpers on, fingerless gloves and a beanie hat!

    Maybe I should just stop using the computer on cold days and do something energetic like housework to warm up instead.Like you said, dress properly for the prevailing weather and get on with it!

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