A dark day for Ulster

Just when the dust of the last 30 years was beginning to settle,

just when we as a country were coming into our own,

just when we had began to get on with things,

just when tourism was at its best, just when we thought we had all this shite behind us.

This weekend was a terrable reminder of our past, where we came from and where we hoped and prayed we would never go again.

From BBC …

Earlier in the evening, soldiers at the base had ordered pizza from Domino’s Pizza [1] in nearby Antrim.

Two men left the shop in cars at about 2120 GMT to make the delivery.

When they arrived at the main gate of the barracks, just off Randalstown Road [2], four soldiers came out to collect the food.

As they did so, two gunmen in a car parked nearby opened fire with semi-automatic rifles.

Two soldiers were killed and another four people seriously injured, including the pizza delivery men.

Police say they were an innocent party in the attack.

After the initial volley of gunfire the attackers then approached their victims, who were lying on the ground, and opened fire again.

A Vauxhall Cavalier which police believe was used by the gunmen, was later recovered in Ranaghan Road near Randalstown [3].

This was a barbaric killing of two young unarmed soldiers, two soldiers getting ready to go to war in afgan, two soldiers that thought they were safe at home.

Last week Sir Hugh Orde was critisised in the press for calling in MI5 to look at the republican threat, I say he was doing is job and I think we all understand now that the threat is real.

I am worried…. worried for the future of our fragile government, state and economy and worried about what sort of world my young Daugther is being brought into.  I grew up with bombs and shootings, and my father grew up with worse, my Daughter should not have to grow up with this nonsense, she deserves more from a modern society, she deserves more from me.


One Comment on “A dark day for Ulster”

  1. Kai says:

    I suppose I hoped in vain it was over, but I always knew it wasn’t that simple… I hope I’m wrong, but I think there is more where that came from!

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