Volcano's, Bankruptcy and Strike's, Oh my ! Is it time to loose faith in the airline industry ?

The traveling public have had a bit of a wake up call this year with regard to air travel.  Between strikes, bankrupcy’s and that bloody volcano people have began to slowly learn just how fickle the industry is and just how much we actually rely on it for everyday life.

The complete shut down of UK airspace has knocked the world out of sync, planes dispatched in far corners, mail not arriving, friends and family stuck dear know’s where.

Personally I think Michael O’Leary has done the industry a massive injustice last month when he agreed to pay out passengers for responsible expresses after claimed he would rather go to court than hand over the readies.  Legally bound to pay yes however a court case would have highlighted just how tight a rope these companies walk on and that you really do get what you pay for.  He had a opportunity to change the game going forward.  After all someone has to pay for this so we are going to feel it in flight prices for years to come.   You can’t really expect to pay £10 for a flight and then be put up in a hotel for 5 days when the flight can’t go through no fault of the airline can you ?

What annoy’s me more though is those complete morons at British Airways that feel its OK to go on strike to get what they want.  Striking is my opinion is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever came across, I have a simple view, if you don’t like it leave !

According to a 2009 survey for the Civil Aviation Authority, BA’s cabin crew are well paid in industry terms with average earnings of £29,900 a year, including bonuses and allowances, compared with £14,400 at Virgin Atlantic.

So not only is their point unjust, it is also down right rude and ignorant in times like today when British Airways are suffering massive financial losses and passengers are already frustrated.  They should be happy they have a job as many people would give their right arm to be in their position.

Yesterday the CAA revised the rules on flying in the ash cloud to allow more aircrafts to fly higher into the volcano ash red zone…… at their own risk of course.

So is it time to loose faith in the airline industry?

Well no, the truth is, it is still the most effective way to travel.  I’m heading to London today (yes I write this as the flight is delayed ) for two days and next week I’m heading to Newcastle Upon Tyne.  The return flights cost me £104 and £64 respectively.  A boat from NI to the Mainland is around £300 plus gas and drive time, so whilst its tough times for travellors and for the industry we all just need to grin and bear it and more importantly work together to get to our designations.



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