The future called, it said its going to be expensive

It’s difficult to be ‘all things to all men’ in fact many say it can’t be done, yet somehow Steve Jobs has managed to achieve this with the iPad, well in my house anyway. The iPad has became the most fount over device in my house, knocking the remote control of the top spot if has held for the last decade.

For me, the iPad is about constant communication and the perfect business tool for when I’m traveling and a good way to read books, for my wife (who hates technology) celebrity gossip websites, wikipedia and various online retailers get a nightly bashing and for my (nearly) 3 year old daughter, peppa pig is the game of the year and YouTube let’s her watch her favorite shows on demand.

The devise is so in demand in my house, I’m considering purchasing another one for ‘the family’ but then it hit me. The future is damn expensive.

Up until now (through my adult and teenage life), I’ve had all the toys. Right now my essentials include a MacBook hooked up to the TV, another MacBook, two iPhones and an iPad, not to mention the monitors scattered across my desks in Dublin and Moira and various GPS devises. This addiction to technology has never seemed expensive to me for two reasons, firstly, my wife was never really that into new tech so we were never having to buy two at once and secondly as a person working in telecoms, certain toys are passed of a ‘work essentials’ and thus, never paid for.

Fast forward 15 years and my house will contain an 18 year old girl, a 15 year old girl, an aging geek and a yummy mummy, who knows there may even be a 12 year old throw in for good measure.

If 15 years time was today, I should imagine that my two daughters would each demand an iPhone, then a netbook for school and probably an iPad just cause dad has one. Given facetime is what it is and with the LBS apps getting better, my wife may even want to upgrade her Nokia 1110 to some form of iPhone.

Slight heart palpitations begin. How am i going to pay for this?

Of course some of you will be reading this and thinking ‘spoilt brats’ but I have grown up with a passion or technology which I believe has helped me be were I am today. I think it would be wrong to deny them of the same, if the passion is there and they are appreciated correctly.