Good salesmanship is alive and well

I popped into the local londis store, around the corner from my office here in Dublin at Lunch time, grabbed a Kit Kat (cause they are fat free, didn’t you know?) and handed the guy on the till’s a cool tenner.

“Would you like a lottery ticket for tomorrow night, it’s a €14million jackpot” he asked enthusiastically.  Why not, I thought, he took the extra €3 out of my change and we both got on with our days.

Excellent, had he not asked, I would not have bought the ticket.  Simple but effective.  The point is this, to many people simply don’t ask and if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Shops don’t make much on lottery sales, a few % at best but it adds much needed cashflow to a small business and in todays market, cashflow is king.

I can’t find the article now but I remember reading in the past that the ‘extra shot’ Starbucks are always encouraging you to take, adds up to something stupid like 15% on their BOTTOM line.

Go ask for some business, you will be surprised at the results!


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