Future-proof your conference Wi-Fi

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The need to meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi in conference rooms and convention centers is a new challenge for hoteliers.  The model of installing 2 or 3 Wi-Fi transmitters in a conference room no longer works as users now bring smartphones, laptops and tablet computers with them to browse, tweet and stream videos. Traditional Wi-Fi installations struggle to cope with this sort of use and regularly collapse under the load.

You just have to search for ‘Conference Wi-Fi’ online to find a host of complaints from both conference organisers and attendees that the Wi-Fi simply didn’t work.

Bitbuzz has been supplying Wi-Fi to the hotel industry since 2003 and is the number one provider in Ireland carrying over 56% of all public Wi-Fi traffic in 2010.  Bitbuzz recently opened a London office to service UK hotels and is already installing its service in a number of London hotels.

Convention, a new conferencing product from Bitbuzz is designed to meet the changing needs of tech savvy conference attendees and has already received with positive feedback from London hoteliers.  Bitbuzz Convention boasts the ability to accommodate conferences of up to 600 attendees, a claim no other Wi-Fi provider in the UK can match!  Added to this, Bitbuzz can offer the conference speaker a dedicated internet connection, onsite engineers and faster download speeds for users, all through a simplified and customised guest log in page.

Bitbuzz recently worked with a number of hotels to secure global conference business from companies such as Dell, Intel, Microsoft and the New York Stock Exchange to name a few.

“Microsoft frequently runs training events for IT Developers on the Windows Azure platform (Microsoft’s cloud services platform) in hotel conference rooms. The attendees tends to multi-task at our events, following the content being presented, whilst checking references and resources online, blogging or commenting and sharing via social media channels.

A fast and reliable Wi-Fi service such as Bitbuzz Convention is essential for Microsoft technical events and is a key factor when deciding where we book events.”

Enda Flynn – Technical Audience Marketing Manager for Microsoft Ireland.

Whats more, Bitbuzz comply with all the latest Ofcom regulations such as the Digital Economy Act of 2010.

If you would like to find how Bitbuzz can attract more business to your hotel, call us today on 0870 046 2899 or email sales@bitbuzz.com.