Wi-Fi in Cinema’s

I must admit it wasen’t my idea and I too rolled my eyes when it was first pitched to me.  I thought to myself, here we go another crazy idea of where Wi-Fi will work but the more I think about it the more it is beginning to make a lot of sense.

I’m not talking about Wi-Fi in the actual cinema screen here (although blokes watching rom-com’s would probably thank me for it).  I’m talking about the foyer, the place where all the ‘hanging around’ happen’s.

You could use it for

  • Checking IMDB or similar review sites
  • Booking tickets for collection to avoid the que
  • Buy snacks to be delivered to your seat through the Cinema’s own App
  • Update Facebook/Twitter/Getglue/4sq/Gowalla etc whilst waiting on your friends
  • Check out restaurant reviews for somewhere to go after the film.

All on your mobile of course, I don’t expect people to stand around with a laptop or anything.  That’s the thing, places like cinemas don’t have Wi-Fi for a reason and that reason is because mainstream devices have only switched onto Wi-Fi in the last 18-24 months and whereas before us Wi-Fi companies looked for locations with seats and tables, charging points etc, now we are just happy if there is people hanging around, even if only for a couple of minutes to pull down mail, check in on 4sq or whatever.

So, I’m going to give it a go.  If you own a cinema near Dublin, get in touch.  I’d be happy to cover the full roll out costs just to trail it.