Still think the Digital Economy Act is a load of horse-shit ? take note

Below is an example of one of the many letters that hit our desk every single week.  I have used XXXXXX to protect the user.

If you still think the Digital Economy Act is a load of horse-shit……… your a mug and it won’t be long before they knock on your door!

Dear Mr XXXX,

We have received a Take Down notice from an organisation or individual which states they are the rights holder, or represent the rights holder, for the following material:

Comedy Central- The Colbert Report

They have alleged that a host on your network is being used for the distribution of the material – or parts of the material – named above without authorisation. They have verified that they are, or represent, the rights holder through reliable means which compares the data alleged to be on your network through identifying information unique to the file (known as a ‘hash value’ – essentially a digital “fingerprint”).

The information below shows the host IP address and method by which the material is apparently being distributed:

Complaintant: BayTSP
Infringement Timestamp: Mon, 04 Oct 2010 14:42:46 GMT
Infringers IP Address: XXXXXXX
Infringers DNS Name:
Protocol: BitTorrent
Infringed File Title: Comedy Central- The Colbert Report
Infringed File Name: The.Colbert.Report.2010.09.30.Aaron.Sorkin.HDTV.XviD-FQM.[VTV].avi
Infringed File Size: 183475818 bytes (174.98M)


The associated XXXXX Username is: XXXXXX

We hereby request that should the material named above exist on one, or more, of your hosts that you prevent the distribution of this material. If you do not believe this file is hosted on your network we recommend ensuring you are not operating an unsecured Wireless network; for more information on Wireless networking please see the following guide:

XXXXX will not take action against you regarding this take-down notice and we will not supply any customer details to a third-party without an appropriate court order.

Please be aware, however, that the rights holder is permitted by law to request a court order for disclosure of subscriber details should they wish to pursue a claim for damages through the court. XXXXXXXX would be required to comply with such a request.


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