Watch The Social Network Movie but……….

There is a great new movie coming out, you may have heard of it.  The Social Network Movie.

Stories about companies, how they were founded, the trails and tribulations along the way are something I am fond off.  My office has tones of books on businesses from global corps to small Irish firms.

Two thing you need to take in when reading a story about a company.

1.  Is it written by someone in the company, because if it is then the ‘spin’ of the book will want to show the company in a positive light.

2. If the book is written by someone else then you need to know who the contributors are and what their angle is.

Good stories about companies have contributions from the founding members, customers, clients, staffers and people who have been burned.

In relation to this story, ‘The Social Network Movie’  There are in fact a lot of contributors from the staffers, the college students to the now famous ‘people suing facebook’.  One person is missing though, that person is the founder and largest share holder.  Mark Zuckerberg and for that reason (mixed with a little Holywood effect) you should take this movie with a massive dose of salt.

Mark himself says “I just think people have a lot of fiction…. The real story of Facebook is just that we’ve worked so hard for all this time,” Zuckerberg said in his interview with Sawyer. “I mean, the real story is actually probably pretty boring, right? …We just sat at our computers for six years and coded.”

One story that Mark has contributed on (and everyone else) is a book called ‘The Facebook Effect‘ a book written by David Fitzpatrick a NYP author, he has been widely ackowledged for his un-biased writing.

The true story, however probably lies somewhere in the tri-angle between ‘The Social Network Movie’, ‘The Facebook Effect’ and Marks genius brian.

Anyway, go and watch it.  If nothing else, it give us geeks some sex appeal !


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