BBQ at McQuillan Manor in 32 seconds …… and a great chance to chat about Gawker

Gawker is an amazing piece of software for Mac OS that I have just discovered.  With very little effort it allows you to put together a short movie of still imagines to track a day of work or an event.

Time lapsed BBQ at McQuillan Manor – 11th July using Gawker from Russell McQuillan on Vimeo.

For the video above, I have recoreded a BBQ of around 20 people at my house from 4pm until 10.30 pm.  1 still image every 30 seconds and a playback of 24 stills per second.  Excellent stuff, I am heading to Galway next week and plan to mount the cam forward facing to take a still every 10 seconds.

I downloaded the software last night and it litterally took 3 minutes to learn it inside out.  Simply

1.  plug in your camera (or use the built in one on your macbook)

2. point it

3. enable the camera

4. select how often you want to take a still (ie, every 10 seconds, 30 seconds etc)

5. select how many still you want your playback to run at, ie 20 stills a second.

6. Hit record and that is it.

Give it a go !


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