Pornography to get its own space on the Interwebs but will it work?

After a ten year battle between Icann (the people who look after the http://www. protocol) and Stuart Lawley a British internet entrepreneur the .xxx domain has finally been approved.

The idea is that all pornography or ‘top shelf’ related material will move from .com,, .net, .mobi etc to the new .xxx domain.  Porn is still the most searched item on the web but it is only in the last two year’s that sites like Facebook and Twitter have kicked the porn sites from the Alexa top 50

It’s a good idea as it makes the Internet as easier place to police, it also makes it a lot easier for parents to content filter what their kids are looking at online by simply blocking the .xxx domain on their machines.  Companies like NetNanny who specialise in web filtering will surely welcome the new domain and anyone operating a public machine will see the benefits.

That said, it will never work (in its current form). Believe it or not porn sites actually want you to look at their sites, no matter who you are so they go out of their way to step around web content filtering, this new domain is simply that, a new domain.  It has been set up by a business man not an authority or a Government so it cannot be policed.  Porn sites cannot be forced to use the domain and they are surely not going to give up their valuable .com domains in a hurry, In 2007 was sold for $12m and there has been a near 20 year battle over

It is $60 per year per .xxx domain, in the world of online domains, that is quite expensive! (although $10 from each sale has been pledged to child protection initiatives)

No child pornography !  Good ! but that doesn’t help web content filtering if everyone is looking out for .xxx domains.

The .xxx domain could have and should have been a force for good on the Internet, putting all adult material on the top shelf where it belongs, no longer would people say ‘ it just appeared on my screen’ but alas what it has turned out to be is just another domain to litter the interwebs and will actually make no difference to the end user what so ever.


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