Dont believe everything you read on the Internet – It was not my Birthday yesterday.

Congratulations! Your e-mail address was pre-selected and entered into the Nigerian lottery and guess what you won ! 500,000,000.

I must be the richest sob in the world, except I have never seen the money. I have though been getting these emails since 1994 when I first joined the world wide interweb, or compuserve as it was back then.(the ISP that is).

At the age of 14 something was clear to me. My details online in the wrong hands were dangerous so since then I have never given a web site my date of birth or home address with the expection of eBay or when I need something delivered but they never get my date of birth, sometimes they are lucky if they even get my real name.

So in 2007 when I signed up for facebook the same thing went. DOB 5th May, I always keep my online birthday the same so it’s easy to remember.

This was fine for a while however recently it has became a pain in the ass. Last year was bad but this year was worse. The texts started on Sunday 2nd when facebook mailer their usual Sunday night ‘birthday reminders for the week ahead’ email. I got around three wall posts then, 4 on Monday, 6 on Tuesday and over 50 on Wednesday. I even got two on Twitter !?

Some of my close friends realised it was not my actual birthday although a few did question it. One said they knew it wasent but they must do what facebook told them to so wished me a happy birthday anyway which made me laugh.

The real fun started when I arrived at my friends Avril and Shane’s house in Dublin. ‘Don’t come into the living room’ Avril shouted. Oh no I thought. Upon entering the livingroom I found cupcakes, a card and a gift. Before I got a chance to explain though she got in first with ‘I know it’s not your real birthday but today will have to do’

So I was destined to have a Birthday night out in Dublin to celebrate my online Birthday.  I could not really say no now could I ?  We went to Milano’s (great place, great service – It’s basically Pizza Express with a different name in Ireland).  Dinner was good but at some point Avril decided to mention to the waiter that it was my Birthday and after our meal the lights went down and out came a signing waiter with a free desert (score!) and the whole restaurant wished me a Happy Birthday.

So even though it was not my Birthday yesterday, I had a great ‘online’ Birthday celebrated in style with my buddies in Dublin.

Around two weeks ago I actually knew this facebook saga was going to come up so I decided I had better change the date until either after my Birthday or closer to it, alas however I was scuppered by Facebook.  You can’t change your Birthday on Facebook because I guess, why would you need to !?

A lew lessons learnt

1.  Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

2. Facebook does not know everything, despite what you might think.  It is just as full of people phishing for your details as the email’s and iRC of the 90s.

3. You don’t have to be the Queen to have two Birthday’s !

4. You can get free stuff in Restuarants if you say it’s your Birthday. :-)


One Comment on “Dont believe everything you read on the Internet – It was not my Birthday yesterday.”

  1. Kai says:

    Probably one of the better things you have ever written, and the grammar was nearly spot on to!

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