24 hours as a Porsche driver

I had the great pleasure over Friday and Saturday of driving and owning (for 24 hours) the new 2010 Porsche Boxster, kindly lend to me by the good people of Porsche Centre Belfast.  I have been a fan of Porsche since a boy and whilst all my pals had dreams of winning the lottery and buying up Ferrari’s, Lambos and Astons, my eye was always on a Porsche, and not as a lottery winners car either, I wanted one for an every day car.

I have driven a few other the years and been taken out in others, every week I look at 924s and 944’s in the paper and think, wouldn’t that be a great weekender………… alas I never end up buying one.

Recently however I have been considering buying a second hand boxster as my everyday car.  A Boxster you say ?  Surely that is just a poor man’s Porsche, well yes it is …… in a way, I mean no one ever walked in to a Porsche dealership with 100K to drop on a vehicle and said ‘Give me the best Boxster you have, in fact give me two!’  But for now let’s call it an entry level Porsche ‘my first Porsche’ as it were.

So I went down to Porsche in Belfast to see what a fairly new with not to many miles on it Boxster would cost me, I was pleasantly surprised that I could get myself a great Boxster S for under 25K, to put this into perspective, a decent Audi, BMW for even Ford will cost you in and around this.

We worked out for finance details and I took one for a spin.  Impressed with the motor I wanted to see just how practical it was as an everyday car so Porsche agreed to let me take the new 2010 model for a 24 test drive.

This was the best and worst thing I have ever done,

The car was amazing !  265 BHP (which is not actually a lot for a sports car) with a 7 speed PDK transmission, big rims & leather seats.  It was very very comfortable to drive (I’m used to sports suspension anyway) and you could comfortably cruise in 7th gear traveling at 70MPH but if you need to get round something, plant the gas and the PDK box will in a split second knock the car into 3rd and you are away.

Where is the Engine ? My wife cried!, as most people know Porsche is mid engined which leaves loads of room in the bonnet bay and boot for storage along with all the little cubby wholes in the cab, I really don’t think the average person would have trouble karting around every day things in one of these.  I have seen sports cars with no room for a bag, but you could easily carry your work stuff (bag, suit etc), and overnight bag and 5 or 6 bags of shopping at the same time.

Getting approval from my wife and daughter was going to be tough. The thing about my vRS is simple.  it’s a great car, sporty, plenty of hoof, professional and it really ticks all the boxes (which is why I bought it).  The thing about a Boxster is, it would be mine….. its not a family car, there is no room for ‘the wife and kid’ at the same time.  That said on Friday lunch time, I took my wife for coffee and she really liked the car and even slipped that she would not mind me driving something like it.  Score !  Just the daughter to convince, well she is two so that should not be to hard.   I put all her gear into the storage in the boot and bonnet, strapped in her child seat, dropped the roof and we went for a spin.  After she got over her initial shock of having no TV in front of her, sitting beside Daddy and having no roof she began to enjoy it, as we traveled down the road she raised her hands in the air and screamed weeeeeeeee, when we hit the first corner she clapped.  I think that’s an approval if ever there was one.

The thing about Porsche drivers…………. is that not many people actually like them.  I’ve dealt with a fair bit of hatred on the road, I drove a 5 series for over a year.  So it goes without saying that in a Porsche you can forget about people letting you out of junctions or into lanes, thankfully though in a 265BHP car you can simply drive out in front of them and plant it before they even think about hitting the brakes, this has the added benefit people peeving them off in their standard road cars.

Everyday? I am just not convinced that I could drive a car like this everyday, the increased servicing costs, tyres and lack of back seats would surely drive me nuts and I also think that something like this needs to be enjoyed for exactly what it is, a fun sports cars.  Not an everyday work horse.

The conclusion is simple.  I have decided to get a Porsche as a weekender, sadly not the £42,000 vehicle I had out on demo but a Porsche none the less, the build quality, style and ride is simply second to none.  Which one?  we will just have to wait and see, I will give myself some time to research the various models and set a realistic budget.

My Grandfather always lived by the rule, A boy never grows up, he just gets more expensive toys…….. this is case and point I think.


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