Facebook cans Facebook lite

No, its not a low calorie beer.  Facebook lite ‘was’ the slimming down version of Facebook designed for people with low bandwidth and slow Internet connections.  The stream you saw when you signed in was status updates, photos and not much else so no Mafia Wars, Farm Town and the various other apps that pollute many peoples Facebook stream.

It was in many respects the Facebook of 2006 before all the changes.  It’s simple failure was that no one used it, no one used it because very little people knew about it, it wasn’t advertised, promoted or even really communicated to users.  There was no ‘try Facebook Lite’ if your connection was slow or even mention of it on the home page therefor it was destined to fail.

Their lack of promotion continued to a lack of ‘company stated’ reason for canning it, no press release, no warning to users just a simple status update on Facebooks own ‘fan’page.  (I use the term fan loosely as that is also being scrapped in favour of people liking pages)

It reads

Thanks to everyone who tried out Facebook Lite. We’re no longer supporting it, but learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site. If you used Lite, you’ll now be taken to the main Facebook.com site.

Whats your thoughts on this ?  were they right to bin it, will people loose out ?


2 Comments on “Facebook cans Facebook lite”

  1. rwdkai says:

    Of course they weren’t right to can it, If so few people used it then the maintenance should have been minimal thus it not doing any harm in the background! I am a backpacker in Australia and most of my internet activity is done via a telstra mobile modem and I am charged per MB so using the slimmed down version was important to me!


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