This volcano business is all getting a bit serious

Is there anyone that is not effected ?

I have heard all the stories about people going into survival mode in a bid to get home, buses, cars, trains, boats (oh my!)  John Cleese grabbed a taxi from Brussels to France for 3k !  My buddies wife is stuck in Brussels, I spoke to a guy on Friday who was busing it from Dublin to Belfast to get a ferry to Scotland and then head on down to London to get home.  I read another story about a guy who picked up some random people and between them they got his car onto a ferry, he is now arranged to go a date with one of the girls he chipped in with (result!).

That said, to me I thought I was largely unaffected by the whole this and put it down to ‘just a decent news story’  That is until I actually thought about it in a bit more detail and the various knock on things that will be effected.

I have some friends going on holiday to Cyprus this Friday (good luck with that), another friend is getting married and they not only have to bring some people over from the mainland for the wedding, they have to fly to Jamaica themselves for honeymoon on Sunday (nightmare!)

My Wi-Fi business has seen a dip in Airport usage (expectedly), we are starting a guy in London in May and we need to bring him over to train him up, we also need to go over to London in May to help him break down some doors to kick off our business there.

My scouting company has two large camps coming up that we are trading at.  Both at the end of May, one is in Northern Ireland in which I will need all of my stock to come over from the warehouse in London, our carrier uses planes rather than boats so I am going to have to look into another carrier.  For the camp in England, I have to go across to England so I need to figure out if it is best to just book a boat now or take a gamble on a flight.

There are a number of knock on things effected by this as planes do not just carry people about, much of our post and packages come in by Air so living on an Island is going to cause us a few issues and whilst it looks like the airspace is going to begin re opening again from Wednesday what we do not know is how long it will be open for, as the wind could change and blow the ashes back across the UK or that BIG volcano could go, which will be fun!

Still its always nice to see that Mother Nature really does call the shots and ‘man’ is not as powerful as ‘he’ thinks !


One Comment on “This volcano business is all getting a bit serious”

  1. Rob says:

    It’s interesting how the holiday insurance companies aren’t paying up either, citing it as an ‘Act of God’. It looks to me like a geological incident, pretty much free from any spiritual involvement, but maybe that’s because I don’t go to church…

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