The People's Manifesto – an attack on 4×4 drivers !

Alan in Belfast talks about Mark Thomas new book, the People’s Manifesto.  Its a good post, read it.  The book looks good to, like a common sense approach to politics.

I just want to pull a few points from the book though,

“4×4 drivers should be forced to drive everywhere off-road, even to Sainsburys.”

That would sadly be illegal, most of the land (over 80% in Northern Ireland) is owned farmland and as such driving across it is trespassing.

“Anyone with a 4×4 in a city must also volunteer for the nearest mountain rescue service.”

On the UK Mainland their is such a thing as ‘The 4×4 response team’ which is a voluntary organisation and they do great work.  Sadly in Northern Ireland this does not exist and no one I spoke to in local council seemed overly bother about setting one up.

I am off course, picking holes.  I am for the 4×4 driver !  The correct 4×4 driver that is, I don’t have a 4×4 at present however when I did own one, I drove it off road.  I stopped to pull fallen tree’s from the road and I pulled car’s from ditches.  4x4s are not a bad thing however the large % of 4x4s on our roads are nothing more than cars ferrying kids to school and mums to shops and these people do not know how to drive a 4×4 correctly !

I will buy a 4×4 again and I will take it off road ! (legally)

Rant over



One Comment on “The People's Manifesto – an attack on 4×4 drivers !”

  1. Ian Culbert says:

    Hi Russell. You may be interested to know that there is now a 4X4 Response Network in Northern Ireland. Details and application forms can be found on our website

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