Stephen Brown from The Adventure Team talks about Social Media

I met Stephen just over a year ago when he followed me on Twitter.  We quickly began exchanging tweets, Facebook messages and texts until we finally met in person some months later and have bumped into each other several times since at various networking events.

As a scouter, his business fascinated me from day one as he basically gets paid to do all the fun stuff we do at scouts…. and he does it full time.

I booked him for a black tie event last year to do some pre-dinner games which turned out to be very novel, great sport and people are still talking about it today!

So what does this have to do with Social Media, well its simple.  Stephen started his business (The Adventure Team) just over 12 months ago with virtually no money and absolutely no money for marketing or sales.  What Stephen did have though was a computer and he quickly was able to build a large following on Facebook and Twitter.  I look forward to Stephen’s daily Facebook update where he talks about what he is going to get up to that day.

Super sunny day already and I am excited to put my new wetsuit to use! Is that sad?

Group are heading off after breakfast today and then we just need to get organised for ladies only coasteering. If you haven’t booked you place on write on our wall and let us know you will be joining us.

We have a group of 37 coming in this morning for high energy team games in the afternoon. They are staying until tomorrow morning and working on their activities this evening.

We have a very fun day ahead of us – 71 Primary School Children for loads of fun and games based around the Native Americans!

And what do these updates get him ?  Apart from the jealousy from me who would love to be doing what he is…. what he gets from these simple updates is a lot of inquires from people saying….. that sounds great !  How can I do this ?  Those inquiries have converted is to an amazing 103 actual bookings within 12 months!, I won’t tell you what the average booking price works out at but I can say it amounts to a healthy living.

On Friday, I had the pleasure of listen to a talk by Stephen at the Princes Trust NI annual conference.  His objective was to get people to get behind Facebook and Twitter as a form of marketing and sales.  He began with the following (stolen borrowed youtube video) which you really should take a few minutes to watch.

He had a lot of advice to give to about how to build a business using these mediums but the main ones that I find interesting are,

Tell Stories :- Talk and what you have done and what you are doing, this will hook in people’s interest.

Publish photos and videos (with permission) :- let people see what you are up to.

Spark Idea’s :- With the stories and photos people will start to think, what if i could …….?  How can I ………?

Don’t give the hard sale :- People will switch off, people do not want to be sold to in their own personal steam, people will delete you.

Stephen went on to talk about how social media could work for any business, for example if you drill down the info on Facebook (easily done) then you can see that there are 1500 engaged couples in Belfast using Facebook…… who can use this information and target these people ? photographers, chair cover companies, flowers, cars, hotels, suits ………….. the list is endless !

Keep up the good work Stephen.

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