A few great businesses coming from Northern Ireland right now.

I have been working with Prince’s Trust as a volunteer and business mentor for nearly a year now.  I am continually over whelmed by the businesses that come out of the program and sometimes more so the young people we work with.

This year the trust helped 200 young people in Northern Ireland to get a foothold in business and life, some made it and some did not but the ones that did not were able to use the experience gained to get fantastic paid employment.  There is always a great span of businesses coming through the program and you always see the regulars like web dev companies, dog walkers, photographers and the like.  I’m not knocking those businesses as the people behind them are great people but sometimes some fantastic businesses come through the loop that really make you think.

Here are a few highlights from this years conference.


Paul Allingham, a farmer by trade took sick a number of years ago and found it extremely difficult to get around the farm.  He decided to load up his trailer with the necessary kit for his days work, hitch it on to his quad bike and get on with working.  The only problem was that whilst the quad could get to most places on the farm, the trailer could not so he found himself have to constantly take small loads to were he was working.  He came up with the quad crate, a way to load multiple loads to the front and back of the bike and get on with working.  There are numerous add on’s and accessories for literally any job and anything from bales of hey to sheep to posts can be carried around the farm.

Paul launched the Quadcrate at the Balmoral show and received numerous orders straight away, he is now looking into the mainland UK Markets and is attending a similar show in New Zealand this summer due to a large interest coming form there. (probably due to the large amount of lamb farmers there!)

The Quadcrate is one of those simple ideas that every farmer will see and think……… I wish I had thought of that.


Fresh, Funky T-Shirts and other clothing is bright funky colours, this business caught my eye as I am a sucker for funky slogans and some of these t-shirt expressions and designs are truly for giggles.

I am Jonny Cash, Clap hands – save ferries, I love soda bread and hug babies not tree’s are all designs that caught my eye at the site……. with mothers day coming up, check out the matching mothers and babies section on their website!

Claire’s dog grooming service (no link)

As I said before, these standard run of the mill businesses come through the program all the time and whilst it not a business that will ever make Claire a millionaire or one that people would be kicking themselves for not thinking of themselves either but for Clarie, she could not be happier.

Claire is one of the many success stories of the Princes Trust, unemployed, held a criminal record, alcoholic (recovering now), in and out of welfare, could not keep a job and finally at a very young age Claire’s fiance commited suicide.  There was a turning point for Claire around 2 years ago and she wanted to do something, anything but given her record and past no one would give her a job so she approached the Prince’s Trust who not only gave her a loan for training but a grant to get her business off the ground and a business mentor for help and support.

2 years on and business is booming, Claire is now also offering a pet minding service and a fantastic doggy taxi service for people who can’t drive but want to bring their dog !

There are some truly businesses coming out of NI right now, I am looking forward to what come’s next.


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