Easyjet have only gone and cancelled me flight !

As far as low cost airlines go I have always been of the opinion that Easyjet were hard to beat.  A good no frills service that does what it says on the tin with no added charges for credit cards, boarding passes etc (Ryanair !)  Further to this apart from the odd delay here and there, I have never really had a major issue with them.

Until this weekend that is.

On Friday evening, we flew Belfast > Edinburgh for a race from Edinburgh Castle to Buckingham Palace, the flight was delayed for 2 hours due to ‘having no crew’ which was no big deal really as we still got there on time.

The issue came on Sunday morning when we were due to go home from Gatwick > Belfast, Final call was called and we rushed around to the boarding area only to be told to go back to security then we were told to go back to the boarding area then we were told to get boarding passes ready and finally we were told that the flight was canceled but to ‘now crew’ and a sheet with our rights was handed out.

I was a bit shocked at first as the sheet just said we could apply for a full refund (£23) and had to leave the secure area.  Their was 7 of us in the group and we began to think, how on earth are we going to get home? and how much is this going to cost us ?

More confusion rang out amongst the crowd when an Easyjet official commanded we follow her, people had all sorts of different pieces of information which I am not even sure where the info came from.  Eventually we arrived at the Easyjet customer services desk where it all started to make sense and our luck began to change.

Rather just a refund, we now had three options.  All in my opinion very good for an airline once renowned for terrible customer service !

1.  Take you money and find another airline

2. We can bus you to Bristol and you can fly tonight at 9.30

3. You can get on the next flight in 24 hours time, we will put you up in a hotel and buy you lunch and dinner.

Option 3 it was, which basically extended our holiday on Easyjet for one day.  One of the other guys had a uni exam the next day so opted to take the Bristol option.

Easyjet bused us to a 3 star hotel, bought us lunch and dinner and of course payed for the hotel.  Incidentally the guy that opted for the Bristol option did not get home much quicker than us as his flight was also heavily delayed until the small hours of the morning.

At first on hearing of the canceled flight I was annoyed that an airline could just cancel a flight and offer a refund.  A flight from London > Belfast with BA or Virgin at short notice would have cost us at least £250 a head however the more I thought about it, the happier I was……. Given the facts that Easyjet had to pay for our hotel, food, bus and we only payed £23 for the flight I am sure they did everything possible to get that flight out on time.

They are not in the business of just canceling full flights for a laugh and also given the fact that as a customer I was only actually entitled to a refund (not the hotel etc) I feel that Easyjet went out of their way to maintain a reasonable level of service.

I am sure in the same circumstances Micheal O’Leary (Ryanair CEO) would have told me were to stick my flight home !

Easyjet 1 – Ryanair 0

But really Easyjet, no crew ?  come on, you can do better than that !


3 Comments on “Easyjet have only gone and cancelled me flight !”

  1. The flying time (actually, it’s not just flying time, it’s on duty time) permitted by any member of a flight crew is strictly controlled, once a crew has done there allotted hours, that’s it, they can’t do any more until they are rested. You’d imagine that EasyJet don’t have legions of staff sitting around waiting for a call, rather, they have the minimum required to safely cover their flight schedule, possible with a little bit of slack. So when they hit problems, like delays that still use up flight staff hours, they can run out of staff available for active service.

    Like you I’ve always been impressed by the way EasyJet handle problems, I’ve missed flights and their has been minimal fuss & cost on transferring to the next flight, I’ve been expressed through checkin due to carrying odd bits of equipment (2x 19″ rack mount servers in a large suitcase…which I needed to repack to meet the max weight limit), my only complaint is about the food & coffee. And Luton airport, it’s satan’s armpits.

  2. Laura says:

    Oh, tell me the poor bloke made his exam ok?!

  3. Yes, he did. If he passed or not is a different story !

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