Sonim, the worlds toughest phone ….. but no match for my wife

After breaking nearly every phone I have ever owned when I bought an iPhone I decided that maybe it wasent the best phone to take off roading, to scout camps or the numerous other outdoorman type things I get up which usually end up in a £400 paper weight.

I set about looking for a phone, just for calls, one I could drop, use in the rain and generally abuse.  When I worked for Phones4u we sold the Sonim x1, supposedly the worlds toughest phone, the only problem with this was we sold it (by the truck load to farmers) for the hefty price tag of £450.

Anyway I did some more research and then found a pay and go (unlocked) JCB phone on for £99.99.  The JCB phone is just a Sonim x1 rebranded.

Their advertising goes like this.

Sonim XP1, Military grade phone, unbreakable, this is the worlds toughest phone.  Complete with 3 year unconditional warranty.

Sonim have gone to a lot of trouble to prove their handset is the toughest around.  Search for SonimTour on youtube, This firework test really impressed me.

So I got one,  I got a data sim for my iPhone to keep it shinny and away from harm as I planned to use it only when sitting down.  The Sonim was to be my everyday phone and I have to say I loved it !  Chucky, original, individual and all in all, unbreakable !!

The first 6 months went very well, plenty of scout camps to test it out, I used it in the rain, dropped it, bounched it, the dog had it for a while, one morning I had to go and fetch it from a field when a fellow scouter threw it out of the tent because he didn’t like the alarm tone, it lay in the wet grass for about an hour with out a problem.

BUT one day, along came my wife who wanted to ‘test’ how robust it was, she threatened to throw it at a wall, the floor, my face, anything ‘just to see’  I convinced her not to, explaining how much value I had already got from the product.  This was not good enough though so she dropped it from 3 feet onto a tiled floor.  Imagine my shock when the battery door flew off one way, the battery another, the sim jumped up in the air and phone bounched up nearly as high as the height she dropped it from.

Time to test the 3 year unconditional warranty I thought !

I sent a simple email


I dropped my phone and the battery connector seems to have been disjointed, as a result the phone will not power on.

How can I get it back to you for repair or replacement

Regards, Russell

To which I received a simple reply.

Dear Russell McQuillan,

Thank you for contacting Sonim Support. Please do not change the subject line
while responding.

We will replace your Sonim phone under 3 year unconditional warranty.

Kindly register the handset using the below link: using CUSTOMER HANDSET REGISTRATION option.

Once you register kindly send us the IMEI number of the handset and we will
replace the handset

We apologize for the inconvenience you might have had with the defective phone.

Feel comfortable to contact our support for your future queries.

Thanks and Regards,
Sonim Support

Really ?  A replacement with no arguments, fuss or nagging.  That’s new for a telco !!  I filled in the form and 4 weeks later received a new phone, excellent !!

The amazing thing about the process is that the phone is repairable, usually phone companies will replace a handset as the very very last option, if they even repair or replace it at all.

The Sonim XP1 may not be indestructible BUT with a 3 year warranty it surely has to be the best value handset ever produced and moreover, their customer service has to be the best I have experienced, a new phone with just an email and I still have the old phone….. excellent !



One last thing, check out this vid of the BBC interviewing the CEO, I’ve never seen a CEO laugh before when his product fails on world tv – love it !  He does add though, the reporter would get a free replacement.



One Comment on “Sonim, the worlds toughest phone ….. but no match for my wife”

  1. martin says:

    well i have to say that since august they do not replace the handy immediately, at least in my case(eastern european user) i should send it to be repaired at my expenses (which is about 1/3 of the buy price ) and then they should repair it and send it back to me. and no i am not joking, took me like 2 months of time and may be more than 20 emails just to know this .

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