A guide to Social Networking and Media

Love it or hate it, social networking and social media were the buzz words of 2009 and as we move into 2010 social sites like Facebook and Twitter are not only here to stay but they will continue to grow as more and more people move parts of their life and work online.  We may even see some more sites on the rise as Google and Microsoft try to get a foothold in this space.

That said it is important to know what you are getting into and it is also important to educate your employers and employees on the benefits of allowing staff to use and embrace this space.

I’m not going to write guides or speak for long on the subject although I could talk for days on it, much wiser men people have already done that and to great effect.  Instead I’m going to point you in the direction of some great articles and guides on conquering this fantastic form of communication.

If you are a business promoting yourself or wishing to promote yourself using this new media, please please read and study these before doing anything.  Day after day I see companies getting it horribly wrong online and I am a firm believer that it is better to not be in the space at all than do a duff job !

If you would like any help or advice (free of charge) by all means get in touch.

The Twitter guide book by Mashable

The Facebook guide book by Mashable

Online Communications guidelines by Mulley Communications

Blogs will change your business, by Business Week

8 Best practices for recruiters on Facebook

5 Social Media lessons the NBA can teach you

Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS) – break these and you will be kicked right off

Twitters Terms of Service (TOS)

Top 5 business blogging mistakes and how to avoid them

The newcomers guide to Social Networking


2 Comments on “A guide to Social Networking and Media”

  1. Good selection of useful articles Russell!

  2. Thanks Stephen,

    Feel free to add to it!


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