It's not just a netbook, its a Marks and Spencer's netbook

Marks and Spencer is to launch its own branded netbook with a difference, ah no wait it’s just got Marks & Spencer branding. The MSNB-2009 is a 10-inch, Intel Atom laptop with 1GB of RAM and Windows XP.

It’s manufactured by Elonex. (who?)

Netbook standards such as 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, a 160GB hard drive, a seven-in-one card reader, three USB ports, a 1.3-megapixel webcam and 6-hour battery life are all included.

It’s available now in black or blue (the Elonex site mentions pink, but this isn’t currently on sale), direct from M&S for a fairly steep £279. This does include a two-year warranty though — by comparison, the equivalent Dell netbook, the Mini 10v, comes with the shinier Windows 7 and only one year of guarantee, but is cheaper at £249.

I can’t see this being a big hit however the pink version (when available) might sell well with teenage girls but again – this is no technological advancement.

Now a blue and white Tesco value netbook at £49 – THAT I would like to see !


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