Open Coffee Lisburn : Nearly a year on

It was last January that myself, Andrew Gribben and Simon McCartney decided that enough was enough and Lisburn should to earn its place on the global Open Coffee movement and start our own in Lisburn, days later we had our first meeting in Cafe Vic Ryn on the Moira road and it was born.

Things have changed alot over the last year, more and more people are coming to the meetings and with every new person the dynamic changes ever so slightly but always in a good way.

What started out as nearly a purely techy meeting, now has a good mix of tech, business, photography, news, politics and humour.  As ever no agenda is set and who ever can make it shows up and the conversation flows from there.

The time has changed to,  our first meetings were at 9.30am and we even had a few evening meetings to but majority rules and the majority of people find it easier to come first thing in the morning before work so we now kick off at 7.15am besides….. Lisburn people don’t really go out at night anyway !

So who goes, well I shall now attempt to list everyone that has made Open Coffee Lisburn a success over the last year and what they do…. Please accept my apologies if I get it so horribly wrong and also, just go ahead and add your details in the comments box !

For more on meeting times etc : please click here !

Steven Law | Lisburn, United Kingdom : Stephen is a radio DJ and also work for the NIHE
wiseguyrussell That’s me!

Head of new business for Bitbuzz Wi-Fi

Andrew Gribben

School teacher and coffee bean maker 

Simon McCartney

Telco nutjob

David McDonald | Lisburn

Freelance designer and photo buff

Alan in Belfast | Belfast, Northern Ireland

BT Man and famous blogger

Your lists:
David | Northern Ireland

School teacher and web dev expert


Photo Man
patrick bryan | Ballinderry Upper, N.Ireland
Mortgage dude
Northern Ireland

Owns McCalls and Ottomate

Jessica Odell | N.Ireland. For now.

American import

Jacqui Roberts | Lisburn

Life long rocker and t-shirt maker

Robert Conn | Belfast

BT Man and programmer

BEAN AND GONE | Lisburn, Northern Ireland

@grib other personality

Mark Goody | LISBURN-ish, Northern Ireland

Charity worker and web dev guru

Chris Kernaghan | Lisburn

No one knows what Chris does for a living

Darron Mark
Photo’s n websites

Rob Elkin websites n smart cars !


2 Comments on “Open Coffee Lisburn : Nearly a year on”

  1. Colin Mitchell says:

    Hey, and me…. @pixelpage… :-)

  2. dmfoto says:

    Ha… Love Rob’s Smart Cars comment… It’s basically a shopping trolley with no handle… But I think if you ram it into a shopping trolley bay in any supermarket it will spit out a pound coin.

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