Meteor projected Christmas advertising

The picture is hard to see but I noticed this on my way home from work today.

It’s just your standard MNO advert about coverage, it was broadcast from a white van across the street and at first I thought it was a rather expensive way to advertise a message but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

The ad was on a wall that was very noticable to drivers stuck in traffic on lower baggot st heading out of Dublin. The prefect location for that time of day but also then it could be moved in the morning to catch people coming into town then in the evening as people are creature of habit and generally drive the same route each day they can target a different location the next evening.

As the building was empty I would imagion that there was no cash paid for the site so the only ongoing costs are the maintainence costs for the projector and the hourly rate of the van driver.

Given the huge cost of hiring multiple billboard sites this form of advertising actually makes more than prefect sense.

Hope to see more of it !

Russell McQuillan


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