Whats the coolest brand in the UK ?

Boys (and girls) love big brands, some we can afford to have in our lives and some we dream of one day having.

Coolbrands is a global search and study of brands and they have came up with the definitive list of the worlds coolest brands.  They canvas the UKs experts and consumers every year.

Below is this years list and my thoughts on each…

01. Aston Martin. Automotive – Cars (very cool, every boys dream car – James Bond has helped these guys out, big time!)
02. iPhone. Technology – Telecommunications (The online phone to make the list, and yes very cool)
03. Apple. Technology – General (Apple appear twice, good work and a great brand)
04. Bang & Olufsen. Technology – General (Expensive Hi-Fi systems, I’d love one)
05. YouTube. Online (I don’t think they will make the grand next year if Im honest)
06. Google. Online (okay, I see where they are coming from)
07. Nintendo. Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys (its not for me, but the DS is a great thing for kids)
08. Agent Provocateur. Fashion – Lingerie (need I say more…. stand up boys)
09. Rolex. Fashion – Accessories, Jewellery & Watches (yes please)
10. Tate Modern. Leisure & Entertainment – UK Attractions & The Arts (okay…..)
11. Dom Perignon. Drinks – Champagne (I’ll have two)
12. Virgin Atlantic. Travel – General (well if you are going to fly, then fly well, all the virgin brands rock)
13. Ferrari. Automotive – Cars (after I get the Aston, Ill have one to run around in)
14. Ducati. Automotive – Motorbikes (I’d rather have a vespa)
15. PlayStation. Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys (Again not to sure it will make the longtime grade)
16. Sony. Technology – General (yea, fair enough)
17. Nike. Sportswear & Equipment (no thanks)
18. Bose. Technology – General (now the bose systems rock, probably more than Bang)
19. Facebook. Online (I live here, no twitter though ? maybe next year)
20. Lamborghini. Automotive – Cars (yea, very cool !)

So what would be your definative list ?


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