Social Networking : If you don't get it, that fine ! Just don't complain about it

The world could very easily be split into two groups.  Those of us that ‘get’ social networking and those of us that ‘don’t get’ social networking, and just because you might be on twitter and facebook doesn’t mean you ‘get it’


These are the common complaints I get about twitter,

1.  Whats the point

2. Know-one ever replies to me

3. I signed up for it, but then nothing happened.


And these are the common complaints I get about facebook.

1. You update to much

2. I don’t want to upload photo’s of my dog

3. Its hard to find people.

OK so here is how it works with both sites, its a simple rule and applies to most things in life……… You get out what you put it, its that simple.  Do not sign up for any of these sites and expect to get hundreds of replies or friends because that will not happen, it takes time to build your network of friends and followers, granted it can be quicker on Facebook to connect with people you know because of the handy email import tool but twitter takes time for it to build and work for you.  50% of users on twitter have never used their account or have only updated once, the best way to build a twitter network is to use and begin to add a few like minded people from there you can see who they are having conversation with and choose to add them and so forth and so on.

On to Facebook, and my biggest annoyance is people telling me that I update to much.  I don’t the problem lies with the fact that the people complaining do not know how to use it correctly, or they do not have many friends and/or those friends do not update enough.  In my network I have a mixture of Friends, business associates and scouters some of which update alot and some not so often, I got onto facebook about once an hour for 5 minutes, update and read about 25 – 40 new updates that have been left by people whilst I have been offline.

Facebook and Twitter for me, are a fantasitc way to keep in touch with a wide circle of people that span the globe, promote scouting events, and provide a healthly distraction from my wee office where I work alone.

The best thing of course is that if you don’t like what someone is saying – you can simply delete the connection.  So if you still don’t get it, then that is fine – My Mother can’t work the TV but please just don’t complain about it !



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