Northern Irelands response to the swine flu outbreak

Northern Ireland has officially been put on Swine Flu alert.

Speaking at a press conference this  afternoon (3.10pm) Michael McGimsey has laid out the following precaustionary measure after a video conference with COBRA and the WHO.

1. A vaccine will be developed and enough vaccine has been ordered to cover the entire Northern Ireland population, however this will take 6 months to develop, normal flu vaccines have also been ordered to cover the population

2. Poster and leaflets are being produced with information for travelers and every household will receive one.

3. An emergency helpline has been set up – number to follow

4. An emergency control centre has been set up in castle buildings

5. Basic higene will play an important part in combatting this outbreak.

6. There are no confirmed cases in Northern Ireland at present.

7. Anyone with flu like symptoms should first contact their GP for tests.

8. Border controls and screaning will not take place as there are no direct routes to mexico from here.

If you have been to an infected place in the last week and are experiencing flu like symptoms then you should firstly stay and home, not let anyone into your home and contact your GP asap to be tested.

Further to this some genius has set up a handy google map with infected areas and cases around the globe, you can find this by clicking here.


3 Comments on “Northern Irelands response to the swine flu outbreak”

  1. iamtheeviltwin says:

    i really hope that this isn’t still a problem in 6 months!

  2. Chris says:

    More people have died from wet floors or even the ordinary flu in Mexico than ‘swine flu’.

  3. antrimnetworkscouts says:

    8000 people die in the UK every year from flu. It fair to say this is
    not a scratch on the surface. However it is spreading at a rate of


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