Become a Doer ! I am !

Tonight Honda have aired for the first time in UK, their new advertisment.  Not just any advertisement though – yes it shouts about the great stuff Honda are doing but it also invites you to take just a few small steps to help save the world.

Don’t rev you engines when you don’t need to, drive slower in traffic jams, keep your tyres properly inflated to save fuel and empty out all the stuff you don’t to carry around…..

Watch the video – take it and and become a Doer ! I am starting tomorrow !


2 Comments on “Become a Doer ! I am !”

  1. jacqui says:

    see – i do all those things anyway, but now that some big company is telling me to i just fell like going out and revving my engine as loudly as possible.

  2. Where as I am completely different, I carry sleeping bags – two spare wheels, spades, shovels, oil, water etc etc – enough to see me right in a nuclear war ! I drive a huge gas guzzling Jeep and drift the back end at every opportunity !

    This add reminded me that I should be a bit more responsible – so im looking for an economical ‘Dad’ car for during the week and keeping my off road monster for weekends and scouting stuffs!

    Honda ad’s in general are fantastic – however I don’t their cars.

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