Busy times ahead at www.eXtremescouting.co.uk

The team at eXtremescouting have had a busy summer, pushing the limits of scouting to new eXtreme’s in only the way we know how !

Firstly we had the pleasure to attend some big camps and spread the Scout and Proud hoodie craze to new people, The first one was Look Wide Marra in Newcastle Upon Tyne with around 2500 scouts and scouters and the second was the Scouting Irelands 100 year international Jamboree with over 12,000 scouts and scouters. At both camps we totally sold out of hoodie’s proving further that you guys just can’t next enough !

Next we decided to take on the Scally Rally, a 1000 mile tresure hunt around the west coast of Ireland in a car costing just £100 – CRAZY! Yes, but scouts do what scouts do best !

On top of all that we tried our hand at Surfing and Skate-boarding!

We have have been busy in the store to, with some great new gear for you to get your hands on this Christmas like the, 1st Facebook Scout Group line of clothing and the new ‘just for winter’ range of Scout and Proud SNOW hoodies ! Available now to pre-order.

What makes you an eXtreme Scout ? We need to know !! drop us an email now with some photos to hello@eXtremescouting.co.uk.

Enjoy the Winter season and Keep Scouting
The Team at eXtreme


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