NIHFs Hospitality Exchange 2008

Hospitality exchange is the pinnacle event of the Hospitality trade in Northern Ireland, ran by Hotels Federation of Northern Ireland. Many hotel CEOs, Owners, Managers and Directors turned up to find new suppliers, reaffirm contact with existing suppliers, find out what their competitors are up to and attend the many talks from ‘Running a successful hospitality business’ to ‘Cutting costs not quality in the kitchen’

For us to attend this event, it was productive in a number of ways.

We got to meet with existing clients, re-touching base with them, seeing them outside of their hotel surroundings meant they were more likely to stop and chat, The stand itself further proving that we excited about the future of the Northern Ireland hotel business and pushing our brand, not resting on our success

I met with existing ‘not yet customers’ People I have been dealing with for some time but have yet to secure their business, seeing these people at this event further proves to them we are serious about expansion, about our Northern Ireland business and supporting the Federation.

Lastly I met with new faces, people I had never spoken to and people who had not heard of us before. From this point of view we had great success picking up a number of solid leads to follow up on in the coming weeks.

Trade shows like this are important for growing businesses to expand and ‘get out there’ but only if they are done correctly. Simply turning up with a roll up banner or even a fancy stand is just not enough, you have to get speaking to the right people and have something that they are actually interested in hearing more about.


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